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Commercial Construction in Doral is Booming: Why You Should Consider It for Your Next Space

Commercial developers are always looking for the next exciting area to invest in a build. Doral is the Miami area’s newest hot spot for commercial builds as it offers numerous of opportunities and benefits for new construction projects and renovations of any scale.

If you are looking to build a commercial project in South Florida and haven’t considered Doral, you really should. It’s a great place for companies to set up shop. It’s only one mile from Miami International Airport and a quick  drive from downtown Miami. Another bonus? Currently, the commercial real estate is less expensive than other areas of Miami-Dade County (for instance the beach or even Wynwood), which could lead to greater ROI for your investment down the road.

As Doral has seen some major new developments recently it seems only natural that other big projects will flock to the area (we see you #HQ2). Here’s a look at some of what’s going on:

Co-Working Spaces

Pipeline, WeWork and a handful of other co-working office spaces are popping up all over the Doral area. These spaces offer traditional office amenities, like wi-fi, receptionist services, conference rooms, and office equipment, as well as opportunities to network and collaborate with others working in the offices.

What started out as a trend among entrepreneurs and techie types now has a much broader appeal for many different types of workers, including those who work from home and companies with small staffs. Larger companies around the country are also investing in office environments that mimic these kinds of spaces.

Warehouse Fulfillment Centers

Amazon is just one major company that has invested in industrial spaces in Doral for their Prime Now delivery service. The company currently operates a 340,000-square-foot fulfillment and distribution center in the area. A number of freight forwarding and logistics companies have also set up shop in the area. These large-scale developments have brought thousands of jobs to South Florida. This should be encouraging news for anyone looking to invest in a project in the Miami area.

Restaurants, Shopping and More

As business continue to flock to Doral, new amenities are cropping up. Doral is home to numerous highly-rated restaurants and shopping centers, and more are likely to follow as big businesses continue to open doors in the area and people realize the benefits of living and working in this part of South Florida.